Case Histories

Travel / Internet companies

An Internet Company gave away their Green Javalina Splash pens (Item #326) with their corporate logo imprinted on them to its customers. They then created a website that included the name of their company and called it ‘Where’s your pen been?” The site allows customers to upload photos of themselves with their pens in various locations around theworld. The customers then upload the photos to the “Where’s your pen been?” website and have a chance to win a prize if their photo is selected. This promotion is taking the Hub green Javalina pen all over the world to some unique places and providing the internet company some terrific publicity!

Corporate Anniversary

A construction company was celebrating 10 years in business with a special event for employees, their families, clients, as well as local VIPs. The company had done so well that the guest list was upwards of three hundred and wanted to give each guest a gift bag to remember the event. All attendees received a leather-look jotter with an Imprezza pen (Item #658) as a thank you gift, which was very well received. Several attendees contacted the construction company for more work and commented on how it was this gift that kept the construction company at the top of their minds.

Senior Living Industry

A Senior Living Home, where residents enjoy dignified homelike surroundings, wanted to promote its newly revamped facilities. The home held an open house where future residents and their families could enjoy the cozy hospitality and take a tour. Our Revere pens (Item #538) were given out to all attendees as well as to the employees and residents. The upscale executive look of the pen conveyed the dignified feeling the facility offered.

Fundraiser – Door Prizes

To add an air of fun—and chance—to a charity fundraiser, the organizer of the fundraiser used the Hub Pen Mardi Gras Jubilee (Item #412) as an integral part of the silent auction. Since the Jubilee is offered in six assorted colors, they were randomly given to donors as they placed their bids, but only five pink and one purple pens were used to signify award winners. Recipients were asked to hold on to the pens as a part of the door-prize giveaway. As the fundraiser concluded, five mid-range prizes were given away to those holding pink pens and the grand prize was given to the one individual holding the purple pen. It was a unique twist on selecting winners that was more effective than using the traditional raffle tickets because recipients could take the pens with them for use at home or the office, creating even more brand awareness.

Spas and Vacation Spots

A day spa wanted to ensure its guests received the royal treatment. To encourage feedback on services provided, guests were offered a coupon for use at their next visit in return for completing a short, post-treatment questionnaire with the Hub Pen Javalina Jewel (Item #320) attached. Its ultrasmooth writing cartridge offered the luxurious feel the spa wanted as well as the trendy style that aligned with its image. The pens were imprinted with the VIP hotline phone number and URL. The guests were encouraged to take the pens with them so they would have immediate access to the spa’s concierge service when they wanted to book another appointment.

Sales Meetings

An insurance company was planning its annual sales summit, and it wanted something to complement the tropical theme of the event. The sleek, slim-line Bermuda (Item #685) from Hub Pen was chosen in conjunction with an island-themed calendar to help the salespeople save the date for the annual event. The pen’s tropical flair with silver engraving provided the colorful yet elegant statement the company desired. The pen could also be used to mark important dates on the calendar throughout the year.

Cruise Ships/ Vacation/ Hotels

To celebrate the maiden voyage of a new cruise ship, the captain wanted a commemorative gift for all passengers that was not only functional but also elegant. The Amesbury with Photo Dome (Item #982) was selected primarily for its high-end appeal but also because the dome crown allows for the tight registration required for the multi-color logo imprint. Additionally, the captain’s signature could be engraved along the barrel for even more impact. These captain’s gifts were packaged in a deluxe gift box and placed in the staterooms of guests as they boarded the vessel.

Distribution Company

A soft drink company wanted to thank its distributors for their exceptional sales year. The company decided to send individually engraved Vienna pens (Item #628) to the executive officers of each distributorship. The pens had the soft drink logo and distribution city engraved on them. In addition, the company wanted to help the distributors market to their customers by making the pens available to their retail customers. This program was successful and the distributors appreciated the extra visibility.

Real Estate/Sales Teams

A real estate company with a large salesforce wanted to give a useful gift to each of its salespeople. The company decided on a leather appointment book with the Hub’s Santorini pen (Item #815). The company logo was engraved along with the salesperson’s name on the barrel. Accompanying the gift was a letter from each region’s sales manager thanking the salespeople for their great work and encouraging them to make more appointments.

Mortgage Industry

A mortgage company wanted to increase its share of the marketplace in a large city and surrounding areas. The company purchased a mailing list of potential first time homebuyers and apartment renters in a fifty mile radius and mailed out Hub’s Javalina Classic (Item #322) to promote its affordable mortgage rates. Calls to the mortgage company increased substantially, and some of the recipients even wanted to know where they could get the pens.

Hotels/The Green Movement

A high-end hotel chain intent on overhauling its image to one of environmental awareness wanted a new pen for guests and employees. The chain chose the Ecologic pen (Item #238) because it is made of bio-degradable paper. The hotel’s guests loved its clean look and smooth writing cartridge. The pen is now being reordered as more properties are re-designed and new hotels are built.


An award was given by the United States Senate to a defense contractor for increasing its production capacity and productivity while maintaining its quality. This was the first time that the Senate ever gave out such an award. The company wanted to reward their employees and commemorate the event. The company chose to give each of its employees an Amesbury with Photo Dome (Item #982). A reproduction of the senate award was put on the top of the pen. Each pen was personalized with the employee’s name and engraved on the barrel was “Companies don’t succeed, people do.”

Car Dealership

A car dealership was introducing a new model in the fall and wanted to promote it to potential customers. The car dealer purchased a mailing list and merged it with the dealership’s own database. Hub’sImprezza pen (Item #658) was selected as the pen’s red color perfectly matched the hot new color for the fall. The mailing included visuals of the new car model and a sample of the pen engraved with the customer’s name. The mailing suggested that customers come in and be one of the first to purchase the new model "“"hot off the assembly line!"